Past: Décollage Action Portugal

Lisboa, Montijo & Lagos (Portugal)

Public Fluxus-Décollages Ready-Made-Art Action in public spaces

March, 1 - 4, 2016


Be ready to join the action live in the streets of Lisboa, Montijo & Vila Franca de Xira.


Or see the video on this website (starts 1st of March 2016).



Translation:  Every household should have at least one original artwork!

First impression via Google Street View

Pictures of public billboards

Idea & Spur - The story behind the action

Personally I hate it, when public space gets occupied by reckless car drivers, investors and other invaders. I follow up the idea of the affichists, who used the public space as a source of art and stage for a certain awareness of our existence.


I will - hopefully - use billboards or wild and renegade billpostings. The goal is to extract the beauty of the old posters, to cut out the beautiful parts, to frame them in pass-partouts and to give it to passers-by (for just a little donation). If possible, we will be able to create a little awareness for the public space, its environment and the hidden beauties.