I was often asked, how I made a painting or a collage. I like that kind of question, coz I also would ask an artist for the "making of". It is part of the history of an artwork. So, I started a little documentary in summer 2015.

Extracting posters in Paris, december 2017.

København, 2021 - The Making of "Tago"

I often stroll through Google Street View to look for potenatial décollage spots. And I found some remarkable spots in Copenhagen's Nørrebro quarter, under a highway. (Source: Google Street View)





On August 23, 2021 I finally went to the spot. And the ripped and sprayed posters were still there.



I started cutting the thick layers. About 40 minutes later the whole poster stuff plumped down.


It was far too big to transport it. No chance without a van.


The idea was to roll it and transport it on a bike.


So I did.






Ready for bike transport.

In all major european cities is MBE. I do a lot of transports with them, from Italy, Portugal, Spain and now from Denmark.


The MBE-lady was very helpful. Thanks!

(source: Google Street View)











The Making of "Akanamonta"

The Making of "Oberland/Agatharied"

The Making of "Gugg mal!"