Décollages 2024

WiLD WiLD GENOvA, vibrant CITY, CITTÁ vivace.



Flaneuring through the streets of Genova conveys an immediate and strong sense of life.


Suddenly, torn pieces of posters appear as a paper sculpture.

Title: 7a8, décollage, 72,0 x 47,5 x 8,5 cm, 2023

Décollages 2023

Décollages & its Origins

Décollages 2023

On the way from Évian-les-Bains to Thonon-les-Bains I saw these old posters from the moving car. I stopped and jumped out with my equipment.


I was able to peel off just 2 layers. The lower layer revealed wonderful structures and signs of decay.


The previous week I had found an old Ikea frame on the bulky waste in Stuttgart. I painted this frame and used it to mount the artpop series on it.

Strauss, décollage in wooden and painted frame, 37,3 x 117,0 cm, 2023


Some details:

Décollages 2023

Décollage with details

Do cop omp, décollage, 132,2 x 103,2 cm, 2023 (details below)

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The story of the Bremen series (2023)

The venerable hanseatic city of Bremen still offers a paradise of (ripped) posters.


For some local politicians, the use of billboards that are no longer used, is like a disfigurement.


After all, it is an expression of public participation. The neighbourhood is alive.


Ripping off the posters was quite easy, because it was wet due to rainy weather.

Why look at "dirty" posters and walls?

The posters on the left side look quite unspectacular. But: Under the "SO!" poster as well as under the posters next to it, there was a hidden treasure, an outstanding example of a so called retro d'affiche (the back of a poster) with grease pencil, felt pen and translucent and shimmering fragments of posters.

Wild posters and tags

The Bremen series

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Décollages 2022

The KVS series from Lisboa (2022)

In portuguese cities like Lisboa, Aveiro or Porto one can find décollage material at the power cable distributors.


As the german term is "Kabelverteilerschrank" or "KVS", the series is titled with KVS plus serial number.


Here again the diversity of décollages manifests itself.

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Do Noierto, décollage with spraypaint, felt-pen, 100 x 204 cm, 2020

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Action - ripping old posters

On August 6, 2016 some friends accompanied an décollage action in Budweis (České Budějovice). On the way to a typical czech and cozy restaurant, I discovered an electrical box covered by old posters. The decision and mission was clear: RIPPING THE POSTERS!


The action was filmed. You will hear some comments in German. Enjoy the first steps of a MAKING OF.

The Budweis series  (České Budějovice, 2016)

Décollages from different places

The Portugal series (2015-2016)

The Vienna series (January 2016)

A new series from Vienna. I was there in the 2nd week of 2016, I strolled through the city - and found wonderful old billboards.

Munich Westpark, a small series (2016)

Paris, Boulevard de Sébastopol (2016)

Décollage 2014